Goodbye to Haines

I have found the best way to discover a new town is to get to know the people that love it. We have made many new friends here in Haines. When returning from Scagway on the ferry we were met by Roger and Barb Maynard. They turned out to be good friends of a model A owner who had driven to Alaska in her Model A truck in 1953. We got to meet and talk with her at the local restaurant for breakfast. After a while we could tell she knew about Model A’s and could hold her own talking with Michael and Danny. We enjoyed all the conversations we had with everyone we met in Haines. We really appreciate the hospitality shown to us by Roger and Barb Maynard, Gary and Juanita Lidholmn and Mary Manuell (the Model A owner). We also had such a great campground here in Haines and everyone there made our camping feel like home at the Hitch-Up RV Park.
Tomorrow we get on the ferry and head for Canada again. We hope to drive the coast of Washington, Oregon and California.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye to Haines”

  1. Happy 4th of July you wandering minstrels! I don’t know who is dancing and singing but you guys are entertaining the planet with your travels and pictures. Missed you at the pork chop feast at the Nation Ranch yesterday but we are still reserving a little bit of fun for when you return home. Whatever you do, just don’t try to show us any pictures. We don’t like ’em and won’t look at them. For all the millions of people reading this who don’t know me and are thinking I’m half bonkers, you are only half right.

    Love you guys,

  2. Hello again happy travelers! You sound like the best ambassadors central Kentucky could have sent on this adventure. We feel like we’ve made new friends right along with you and I was really hoping you would get to meet Mary after reading Roger’s invitation for you to contact him about an article. (Sound like a little soap opera plot…doesn’t it?) You’re in our prayers….but those heavy coats and jeans look way out of place for the heat we’re experiencing at this end as we read you tale. Keep it coming!

  3. We really missed you at the picnic. No fresh seafood like you had but some of the best pork chops and corn on the cob ever.You need to offer a photography class when you return, you have provided us with the greatest pictures since National Geographic!Can’t wait to hear more details about your adventures, too.

  4. We’re still with you guys in spirit and enjoying the trip !! Plus, we’re very impressed with how resourceful you are in regards to coming up with great ideas on how to work around some minor mishaps along the road to keep the A’s chugging right along !!! Who knows, we may need those great tips while chugging around in our 1931 Model A !! Keep having fun, be well and keep the great photo’s coming !!!

    Jack & Janet

  5. OK, I’ll come clean. I really can’t wait to see the pictures and talk to you about the trip. I check the blog first thing in the morning and the last thing at night and several times in between. Sometimes if nothing new, I will review previous blogs. The picture of the empty plate of crab brought back a memory of s previous empty platter of seafood at the other end of the U.S.

    The 14% grade picture was a reminder of a similar grade on the mandatory tour with a lot of sliding sideways and hitting the ditch and other amazing evasive actions to avoid any more collisions and they weren’t even pulling trailers.

    Great blogs,
    keep up the great work!
    Stay safe!

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