Travel and Trails in CA

While waiting for baby Frannie’s arrival, we had the opportunity to tour some of our national parks that were nearby. We also got the chance to see some rare pre Model T Fords at the California Automobile Museum, formerly the Towe Ford Museum.

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  1. We have missed you! Matthew called me today, loved hearing from him. Hope you guys have safe travels the rest of the way home. We will be reading all about it. This has been so much fun. Love you.

  2. Congrats Akers on the new GRANDAUGHTER!!

    Just take your time getting home, be good to the little Fords and they’ll bring you home.

    Still more memories to be made!

  3. We love these pictures. We probably will never get to go there so they are so educational. Have a nice safe trip home and keep the blog going.

  4. Hi,
    I have a silly request. On the way home, if you come across a Montana
    quarter, would you please save it for me? I have savedUHNf some sets for the kids, but I am having difficulty finding one more Montana quarter.

    Have a safe trip. Hope the weather is cooler and less humid by the time you get here.
    Nancy and Herman

  5. It’s nice to see you didn’t let any moss grow on the tires during the lay over. What a beautiful photo collection you’ve put together for all the world to share!

  6. Judy and Mike, Congratulations on the new granddaughter! Tammy and Danny, The pictures are great! Tammy, Bruce especially liked the one with you in the C-cab. We’ll be looking forward to more of your adventures across the U.S.. Happy Trails!

  7. Bailey’s – Danny took that picture just for you and put me up to the antics as usual!-Tammy

  8. I traveled U.S. 50 in Kansas for twenty years. Sure was
    a great old road to say the least. Did you see the wagon
    ruts in Old Fort Dodge? High Plains Kansas has some of the
    finest/tough people in the U.S.A. Saw some of your “feed-
    lot pictures which made me think of the 4000 foot plains area.
    They live with weather that would put city people under
    in six months. Strong hard working people!!! When you print
    your trailer diagrams please make them available. Would love
    to have a set. Many thanks.

    Donald G. Ungerman

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